Learn how to stop bloating and control IBS – the natural way

Welcome to LOVETUM. Where bloated bellies come for love

Hello there!

Do you suffer from bloating? Or do you struggle with a windy, bunged-up or over-active gut?

Want to learn how to stop bloating, calm your irritable bowel and take back control?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

LOVETUM is here to help you go from bloated to bloat-free – with common-sense diet and lifestyle advice presented in a straightforward, easy to digest manner.

I’ve been helping people one-to-one since 2003. Thousands of my clients who were suffering from a bloated belly and IBS have had great results using the same information you’ll find here on LOVETUM.

So if you’re fed up feeling bloated and would like to do something to help yourself – LOVETUM is for you. 

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I wanted to thank you for your help and advice. My constipation has improved amazingly and I’ve never felt better.

Fiona, 47 – freelance artist

Thanks you so much. I’ve recommended you to everyone I know.

Jo, 38 – IT consultant

I had been suffering with IBS for 13 years. I’m now over 2 months free of any IBS symptoms. It’s been life changing!

Nadia, 41 – teacher

It’s great not feeling bloated and stressed all the time and I have tonnes of energy.

Claire, 31 – social worker

I feel empowered knowing that there are things that I can do that could help put an end to this bloating.

Jessica, 52 – teacher

You have a way of explaining things which is very clear and made a lot of sense to me.

Susan, 43 – clerical worker