About Caroline 

Caroline Tyler is a nutritional therapist and the founder of LOVETUM.com.

She has taught 1000s of woman how to stop bloating, calm their irritable bowels and get their guts back on track. 

Caroline is creating the LOVETUM lessons – an online course to help bloated bellies – everywhere! Click here to find out more, join the waitlist and get the early bird price when it’s released. 

Caroline set up her clinic in Glasgow in 2003 to specialise in issues relating to food sensitivities and intolerances. Things started slowly but quickly grew so that now she’s usually booked weeks in advance. Most of her clients come through personal recommendation. People come from all over Scotland and beyond.

“One worried father brought his daughter all the way from Spain to see if I could find out what was making her so lethargic. Turned out it was wheat!”

Almost all of Caroline’s clients complain of bloating. Many have been diagnosed with IBS – but skin problems, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, weight gain, low energy and anxiety are common problems too.

Caroline is also a clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behavioural therapist. She has helped people with anxiety issues such as phobias, lack of confidence, fear of public speaking, exam nerves – and of course – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

Caroline lives in the west end of Glasgow with her partner Jonathan, his 2 youngest kids and a cat called Scout. She has 2 grown-up sons who live nearby.