What causes stomach bloating 

Your stomach is bloating and you’ve no idea why.

You keep trying to pin-point the ‘one thing’ that’s causing it – but you’ve no clue where to start.

You think it might be something you’re eating.

But what?

Your stomach is so bloated some days that you look pregnant. On other days – even though you’ve eaten the same things – you’re fine.

What on earth’s going on?

Well … let me tell you.

If your stomach is bloating up like a balloon it’s rarely caused by one thingBloating is usually due to a combination of factors which could vary from day to day depending on your diet and lifestyle.

To stop your stomach bloating you need to know what’s causing it. So the first step is to know what the possible triggers and underlying causes might be.

I could write a book on bloating but I want to start by giving you a quick bullet-pointed list of all the things that could be causing your stomach to swell up.

Here is your LOVETUM bloating cheat-sheet! (By the way … these are in no particular order.)

What causes stomach bloating?

Not chewing properly

If you don’t chew your food well undigested carbohydrates can cause fermentation in the gut. Fermentation leads to gas and bloating.

Eating too quickly

Wolfing food down in a rush creates stress. Stress is not good for digestion.


Under-hydration leads to water-retention. Water retained around the abdomen will cause you to swell up and look bloated.


It doesn’t matter whether the stress is big or small, due to life situations, your environment or your diet – stress affects digestion and can cause bloating.

Caffeine and sugar

Caffeine and sugar create a stress response in the body. Stress is not good for digestion.

Lack of bowel flora

Low bowel flora leads to fermentation in the gut causing issues with digestion and the nervous system.

Food sensitivity

Food intolerances create stress in the digestive system and can lead to bloating from gas or fluid retention. This includes gluten sensitivity and coeliac.

Lack of movement

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a build up of fluid in the abdomen and a bowel that’s not functioning properly.

Food choices

A diet high in junk foods, fermentable carbs, foods difficult to digest, or ones you’re intolerant to could cause a bloated belly and other digestive issues.

Synthetic sweeteners

Synthetic sweeteners can cause inflammation and feed any yeast present in the bowel – leading to gas and bloating.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum confuses the digestive system and if ‘sugar-free’, contains synthetic sweeteners that can cause bloating and have a laxative effect.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Low levels of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and Magnesium are linked with bloating and IBS.

Something serious

Persistent bloating is one of the signs of ovarian cancer. If you have been bloated daily for over 3 weeks it’s worth getting checked. Especially if you feel full quickly after eating.


Bugs in your tum! Bacterial or parasitic infections. If this is the issue then any of the above triggers will only make things worse.


Unprocessed emotions can be held in the gut. Bloating can be due to grief, anger or fear that you’ve had to ‘swallow’ down.

Quite a list eh? But don’t worry. This is not meant to over-whelm you.

It’s simply to help you become aware of the possible under-lying causes and triggers. LOVETUM will show you there are lots of different steps you can take to address those issues and stop stomach bloating.